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Mixed Review 4-27-12(CISPA)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily(nightly) readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The 1st Item of the night is: Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote.


Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote

from the this-is-crazy dept

Up until this afternoon, the final vote on CISPA was supposed to be tomorrow. Then, abruptly, it was moved up today—and the House voted in favor of its passage with a vote of 248-168. But that's not even the worst part.
The vote followed the debate on amendments, several of which were passed. Among them was an absolutely terrible change (pdf and embedded below—scroll to amendment #6) to the definition of what the government can do with shared information, put forth by Rep. Quayle. Astonishingly, it was described as limiting the government's power, even though it in fact expands it by adding more items to the list of acceptable purposes for which shared information can be used. Even more astonishingly, it passed with a near-unanimous vote. The CISPA that was just approved by the House is much worse than the CISPA being discussed as recently as this morning.
Previously, CISPA allowed the government to use information for "cybersecurity" or "national security" purposes. Those purposes have not been limited or removed. Instead, three more valid uses have been added: investigation and prosecution of cybersecurity crime, protection of individuals, and protection of children. Cybersecurity crime is defined as any crime involving network disruption or hacking, plus any violation of the CFAA.
Basically this means CISPA can no longer be called a cybersecurity bill at all. The government would be able to search information it collects under CISPA for the purposes of investigating American citizens with complete immunity from all privacy protections as long as they can claim someone committed a "cybersecurity crime". Basically it says the 4th Amendment does not apply online, at all. Moreover, the government could do whatever it wants with the data as long as it can claim that someone was in danger of bodily harm, or that children were somehow threatened—again, notwithstanding absolutely any other law that would normally limit the government's power.
Somehow, incredibly, this was described as limiting CISPA, but it accomplishes the exact opposite. This is very, very bad.
There were some good amendments adopted too—clarifying some definitions, including the fact that merely violating a TOS does not constitute unauthorized network access—but frankly none of them matter in the light of this change. CISPA is now a completely unsupportable bill that rewrites (and effectively eliminates) all privacy laws for any situation that involves a computer. Far from the defense against malevolent foreign entities that the bill was described as by its authors, it is now an explicit attack on the freedoms of every American.

The 2ed Item of the night is: Ron Paul: CISPA is the New SOPA 

The 3ed Item of the night is: Senator Bernie Sanders on corporate personhood.

 The 4th Item of the night is: who voted for CISPA?

This appears to be some teaparty guy's list of CISPA voters.

heres the goverment vertion:

The 5th Item of the Night is: CISPA: the actual  bill.

Bill Text Versions112th Congress (2011-2012)H.R.3523


The 6th Item of the night is: how corporations come to power in a "democratic" system.
                                 Murray N. Rothbard on  The Founding of the Federal Reserve 

The 7th Item of the night is: Chomsky on government "intervention."


This is a great interview with Noam Chomsky, it deserves a full  review but I don't have much time to night so here are a few fine points of interest: 1st, Market societies don't exist, 2ed popular pressure insists on human rights (not big deals), 3ed health care became a priority for the state when the manufacturing industry got involved, 4th everyone should support welfare state in order to press the institutions to their limits while developing "alternative institutions".

The 8th Item of the night is: Boehner: House Will Vote On Student Loans. (NPR)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Mixed Review 4-26-12(capitalism and schizophrenia)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily(nightly) readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The 1st Item of the night is: Portland show listings.

                                                    Brian Jonestown Massacre
                                           21 & Over. $18.00 advance. $20.00 day of show.
                                           It will be at the wonderballroom. (I don't think I'll
                                            go to this $20 is pretty steep, but if you have the 
                                            cash to burn Jonestown is a portland classic.)

                                           Alan Singley's Student Recital                                            
 Saturday, May 5th from 4-6pm FREE!! @the waypost

The 2ed Item of the Night Is: Will Oldham  in SoftFoces.


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I See A Darkness (Full Album) 

The 3ed Item of the night is: Socrates Cafe Oregon.

This is the liveliest most ernet group of divergent thinkers in portland. Socrates Cafe Oregon is a discussion group that meets in various locations throughout portland, to have open honest discussion about just about any topic you can imagine. The Topics are voted on at each meeting, and a group facilitate is appointed to make shore every ones voice is heard, so you want have to wary about being plowed over. CHECK IT OUT!

The 4th Item of the night is: an excerpt from Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord
2.The images detached from every aspect of life fuse in a common stream in which the unity of this life can no longer be reestablished. Reality considered partially unfolds, in its own general unity, as a pseudo-world apart, an object of mere contemplation. The specialization of images of the world is completed in the world of the autonomous image, where the liar has lied to himself. The spectacle in general, as the concrete inversion of life, is the autonomous movement of the non-living.

So that's all Folks, hope You have a good morning.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mixed Review 4-25-12 (non-linarer social engineering)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily(nightly) readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The 1st Item of the Night Is: # GUEST WRITERS ESSAYS 25 /// Fibrous Assemblages and Behavioral Composites by Roland Snooks (hosted by The Funambulist)

This article by Roland Snooks, a senior researcher at Kokkugia(I think it’s an architectural firm), out-lines the aims of his architectural research. Its outline embodies it's message of non-linearity by waving a fibers of; nonhierarchical, ecological interaction, micro-level integration of structure & ornament, and non-discrete geometry, into what the writer calls behavioral methodologies. Sound confusing? Basically, what he is saying is that by developing building materials and tools that don't limit the final structure of a building, architects will be able to design buildings that are more conducive for a multi purpose living space. He also explains how these "behavioral methodologies" integrate form and function into an ornamental experience.

One thing I notest in this artical is that it's carictersation of non-linarer form as something carictoristicly non post-modern, this reminded me of  Manuel DeLanda new-realist philosophy, and shore enough I found that Roland Snooks and Manuel Delanda are both part of NSO(The Nonlinear Systems Organization at PennDesign) and this explains the common nomenclature.

The 2ed Item of the night is: MANUEL DELANDA: Emergence.

Manuel Delanda explains the concept of emergent complexity through the example of the components of water. Hydrogen and oxygen two thing apart have properties distinct from both of them when they are combined, these new properties are the properties of water. Those two entities cabin to make one new entity. Manuel Delanda goes on to give a brief history of emergence, and then to give a more nuanced analyses of the emergent properties of a knife. This analysis gets fairly in depth for such a short essay; actually it’s the intro to his book Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason which the host of the site, LEBBEUS WOODS, states at the beginning of the page.

The 3ed Item of the night is: Arrests as Occupy slams mortgage bankers in San Francisco (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

"Demonstrators sought to vent rage over foreclosures and executive compensation, and called on Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf to resign. Stumpf is reported to have received $19.8 million in compensation last year, despite the fact that Wells Fargo has been the recipient of dozens of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts since many of its bets went south in the 2008 financial crisis."

The 4th Item of the night is: portland show listings.

                                         And And And - You Can't Hide

                                         THU APR 26 @ the Holocene 8:30pm | $6.00 advance
                                          $8.00 day show Tickets:
                                            (HD) Sean Flinn & The Royal We - Sophia
                                         FRI APR 27 from from 5 to 8pm @ the Holocene
                                         IT'S FREE! (I thinks the show is Sean Flinn solo)

Parenthetical Girls - A Song For Ellie Greenwich
WED MAY 2 @ the Holocene 8:30pm | $6.00
                                             day of show

The Last Item of the Night is: Anasept from Guy Debord 1967 Society of the Spectacle.

1. In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.

Thank You And Have A Good Morning!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Mixed Review 4-23-12(THE ABSOLUTE)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The 1st item of the night is: A selection from a search of Coptic spiritual music on YouTube. ENJOY!

                                        coptic song coptic music SAMEHNA YA FADINA 

From what I gather most of this music was recorded at St. Takla Haymanot's Church in Alexandria, which seems to be some kind of devein vortex of spiritual expression for the modern age.

St. Takla Haymanot's Church maintains a website where you can hear more coptic spiritual music:

The 2ed item of the night: The coptic iconography of Isaac Fanous.

Isaac Fanous, an egyptian born artist, studied iconography in France under the famous Russian iconographer Léonid Alexandrovich Ouspensky.  He is consiterd the father of the modern coptic iconography. St. Takla Haymanot's Church has the largest nuber of his icons.

The 3th item of the night is: Diet Soap Podcast #140: The Reality of Economic Abstractions by Douglas Lain.

In this episode Douglas Lain and his gest Brendan Cooney discusses the relationship between economy and the political sphere, they both seem to agree that political sphere doesn't create the markets but does have a responsive power in relation to it. Brendan Cooney speaks of Karl Marx commodity fetishism, and the social power as an abstraction particular to money. Of particular interest are the Douglas Lain’s idea of Fairless Max lines and the character of the opposition he came across.

Brendan Cooney  is also a composer so check out his site to hear music he's written new scores for Buster Keaton movies. (his hame is the link)

The 4th item of the night: Item defined according to

[n., v. ahy-tuhm; adv. ahy-tem] Show IPA
1. a separate article or particular: 50 items on the list.
2. a separate piece of information or news, as a short piece in a newspaper or broadcast.
3. Slang . something suitable for a news paragraph or as a topic of gossip, especially something that is sensational or scandalous: The bandleader and the new female singer are an item.
4. a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter I.
5. an admonition or warning.

The 5th item of the tonight is: Diet Soap Podast #139: The Game, Fight club, and the Phenomenlogy of Spirit by Douglas Lain.

A particular thing like the pen on my desk is like I said a particular thing, but it is also the universal pen in that it has the form of all pens. In this Diet Soap episode Douglas Lain explains this basic Hegelian move. At one point  in this podcast it is suggested that Hegel's main driving force was to insist that we have access to the absolute. This Podcast is a discussion of Section A, On consciousness, from Hegel’s Phenomenology of spirit.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mixed Review 4-20-12(CAPITALISM AND IT'S FANS)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The 1st Item of the night is: Capitalism Hits the Fan (1/9)

FOR PREVIEW ONLY. as the caption reads "This is a low-quality screen capture of a low-quality preview of a lecture on the economic meltdown, by Richard D. Wolff, Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst." The irony of a low-quality for promotion-only version of a Critique of capitalism aside I think that is a great analyses of our current economic crises. (maybe the irony makes it even better!) To be fare there where high-quality versions of other lectures by the same name, but I liked this one so what the hell.

The main thrust of Richard d. Wolff's critique is that Capitalism has been undone by lowering wages for workers. Wolff's points out that these lowering wages necessitated that the working class pay with credit cards, which then creates credit bobbles and economic catastrophe. I assume his downplaying of the rule of banking practices in all this is a rhetorical devices aimed at focusing the lens more keenly on a yet even lesser understood problem, the lowering of workers’ wages relative to the inflation of credit bubbles. The reason I think this down playing is rhetorical is because the critique of banking isn't actually absent from Wolff's analysis, it reemerges in the form of a critique of credit cards, Wolff merely says that this credit expansion is not the primary factor in collapse, to him worker wages are. To me his analysis is a great synthesis of the Austrian school's theory of Inflation (credit expansion) and the Marxist theory of the means of production.

All and all Richard d. Wolff's critique of capitalism is a potent one and should not be ignored.

Also make shore to check out the links on Austrian theory of inflation and the Marx's theory of the means of production, this is importent stuff! Compiar and let me know what you think of my assessment.

I'm going to leave it to you to watch all from 1 to 9 so here is the first one.

Here is a link to the wiki page on Marx theory of the means of production:

And the link to the wiki page on the Austian schools theory of inflation:

The 2ed Item of the night is: Bankrupt On Selling by Modest Mouse

Mixed review 4-19-12 (THE PROGRAM THE SYSTUM)

This is no Item this is CRASS!!!!

The 2ed Item of the night is: Two articles from this week’s Willamette weekly; GET OUT OF DEBT NOW!

This is a review I made of an article from the the Willamette weekly entitled Get Out Of Debt , the link to the article is at the end of review so you can read it for your self.

Get Out Of Debt Now, by Jonathan Frochtzwajg starts with a dual between Republicans that supposedly won't buy their kids those coveted X-MEN dolls, and Occupy "brats" (actually the nicest bunch of open minded individuals you’ll ever meet) that astutely point out the inevitability of debt in an over inflated economy where demand out passes real means. To this I say maybe if those republican dads would have bought those action figures back 22 odd years ago, maybe their kids wouldn't be held-up in God knows who's park somewhere. I mean a bed room full of 300 dollar action figures might help with the kid’s tuition. Action figure bubble here we come!

Jonathan tells us that the Fed admits that we consumers are now 2.5 trillion in debt. Well thank you fractional reserve scam Federal Reserve, but of cause this is all good news for the Federal Reserve board of directors and trusties, because that’s just more collateral for the financing of future empires, collateral damage you might say.

There seems to be a chunk missing from the article as the writer admits a mystery "Requisite condescending paragraph chiding you for taking out student loans...(liberal arts)" yada yada yada. Thank you for leaving that out mr. Frochtzwajg we’ve really heard enough of that sort of thing, but doesn’t that reveal a dark underbelly to all this. The student loans are support to be an investment for the banks if you use them to get unprofitable degrees then they’re not going to get their money and that’s going to make them vary unhappy. You better bet that they have those lawns leveraged, probably several times. That's way you can't file bankruptcy on them. There’s nothing real to repossess and they’re using the payments as loan installments on other accounts. (the bank isn’t interested in taking that piece of paper away from you it’s worth less to them then the employers that won't give you a job).

In the 3ed paragraph the writer offers "the" solution, "or a step toward it, at least," ask for a brake. Melody Thompson, the executive director of Financial Beginnings, "a local nonprofit that provides financial education to youth and young adults" suggests that borrowers contact their lenders. I looked up Financial Beginnings web page and they have a section listing the "Business partners" which they say is also a list of business for which their "volunteers" have worked. This list includes big bail out Bank of America, (just hope you don't get the "volunteer" consultant that helped bring the multitrillion dollar institute to the brink of collapse!) The site also has pictures of babies eating money, I don't know what's that about.

Thompson recommends that borrowers let lenders know that their "having trouble making payments. Lenders oftentimes will cut a deal lowering the monthly payment, deferring payments to the end of the loan period or waiving fees in return for partial payment of the principal."

Later Thompson tells us that Student-loan lenders are willing to reduce monthly payments to match the borrower's income. She notes that this might be because "student-loans may not be included in personal bankruptcy." She does not mention that this willingness to lower payments is probably because their still counting on the payments and that this puts the bank in a desperate situation, and that as I mention before these debts are not forgivable because there is no collateral to repossess, but she does later "counsel against making only the minimum payment on the credit bills," because of cause the borrower will end up paying far more in interest in the long run, which I might add only high lights the fact that none of this is actually for any real advantage to the borrower.

In that last paragraph of the article Thompson criticizes "So-called debt-settlement programs" calling them "sketchy" and saying that they can hurt you credit rating. "A less risky option, (she says) if you are over your head" is to contact a credit-counseling organization, (like Financial Beginnings!!)

It sounds like to me that Thompson lad all the cards on the table in this article and it STILL doesn’t look good for the student loan-holders. If you’re a student with debt all you can do is pray that you’re lender will wave your fee, all other options will only put you farther in debt. This is sad real sad. It’s hard to imagine a happy ending to all this. Still I see no harm in trying out some of Thompsons advice, especially the part about keeping in contact with your lender, I also heard somewhere if you continue to pay the debt for a certain amount of time some lenders are more likely wave it.

and a link to the Business Partners of Financial Beginnings:

The 3ed Item is: Federal Reserve: European Megabanks Were Biggest Beneficiaries of Bailouts

This article name drops a bunch of corporations that got bailed out including such names as McDonald’s and Harley-Davidson and foren banks such as Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse.
One thing that I notest that I'd never realised is that the way the Fed bails out a bank is by buying there bad securities, I mean what else could the this statement mean; "Deutsche Bank, a German lender, has sold the Fed more than $290 billion worth of mortgage securities, Fed data through July shows. Credit Suisse, a Swiss bank, sold the Fed more than $287 billion in mortgage bonds." The Fed bought 290 billion worth of property, so it must own that property and if it owns it then it must plan on selling it at some later date when the value has been recovered. If this is all true the where does the money go? and where does the Fed get the money to... oh yeah they prints it. Then why would they wont to sell the property? Maybe they keep  property.

One thing to note though is that if its true that as this article state The Fed bailed out McDonalds then Ben Bernanke lied to Bernie Sanders when he said that The Fed only lends to banks.(

I don't know??? read the article for your self!:

The 4eth Item is: AIG Trustees Emerge From ‘Shadow’ as Directors Resign (Update2)

The American International Group Inc, panel, which controls votes on asset sales, mergers, and selection of top executives, is under scrutiny for its fraudulent behavior. This article from April 7, 2009 outlines the interactions that shape this alleged fraud and its subsequent investigation.

So that concludes my review for 4-19-12 see yu next time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mixed review 4-13-12 (NATURE OF THE STATE)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

First let me show you that: "We The People Are More Powerful Than We Dare To Believe" - Paul Cienfuegos

Paul Cienfuegos is part of a radical new idea, a coordinated offensive for the expanding of environmental and democratic rights. The organization Cienfuegos works with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund defends the rights of real natural entities, against the encroachment of legal fictions, without compromising their principals of de-centralization and democratic individual rights. This is the way you fight corrupt globalization, my friend!

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund has helped many communities around the country, mostly on the east coast, to establish town charters in order to increase the decision making power to the people in their localities. One such community is Blaine County in Pennsylvania. The Home Rule Charter for Blaine Township is a remarkable document. It’s remarkably versatile in the way it balances seemingly conflicting rights.

Section 311
Final Authority of Local Law The People of Blaine Township shall have a right to introduce and adopt laws on their own initiative, and the final authority on the constitutionality, interpretation and effect of all laws adopted by the People of Blaine Township, or by their Township government, shall be the People of Blaine Township.

Section 317 Right to Own Property Each of the residents of Blaine Township possesses a right to own property, but this right shall not convey with it a right or privilege to deprive or curtail the rights of People or Nature.

Section 324 Rights of Natural Communities Natural communities and ecosystems, including, but not limited to, wetlands, streams, rivers, aquifers, clouds, and other water systems, possess inalienable and fundamental rights to exist, flourish and naturally evolve within Blaine Township. Consequently, no private claim to ownership of natural communities, whole ecosystems or the genetic material of any organism shall be recognized within Blaine Township.

(There’s even a section on the right to bear arms.)

Section 314 Right to Bear Arms The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Here is a link to Paul's web page:

and the one for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund:

On April 21, 2012 Paul Cienfuegos will be

be leading a 75-minute mini-workshop at the Earth Day conference at PCC Sylvania campus at 1pm.

12000 SW 49th Ave. Portland, OR 97219 | 971-722-6111 |

Second let me show you that: Gilles Deleuze has good things to say about "the three great forms of thought" on page 197 0f "What Is Philosophy?".

"What defines thought in its three great forms­__ art, science, and philosophy__ is always confronting chaos, laying out a plane, throwing a plane over chaos. But philosophy wants to save the infinite by giving it consistency: it lays out a plane of immanence that, through the action of conceptual personae, takes events or consistent concepts to infinity. Science, on the other hand, relinquishes the infinite in order to gain reference: it lays out a plane of simply undefined coordinates that each time, through the action of partial observers, defines states of affairs, functions, or referential propositions. Art wants to create the finite that restores the infinite: it lays out a plane of composition that, in turn, through the action of aesthetic figures, bears monuments or composite sensations."

Third let me show you that: THE FUNAMBULIST has a new article on coil miner (amateur) architecture.

Bernd and Hilla Becher's photos ironically demonstrate the dual beauties of laissez-faire design and environmental awareness.

Although the coal industry is among the most destructive to the environment I personally find these mining structures to be quite enhancing to the Pennsylvania land scrape. the Funambalist points out that much of the materials used in the construction of these structures where probably gathered from the surrounding area.

check it out!!:

Forth thing on the table is: The Nature of the State according to Murray N. Rothbard.

This is a great argument against a long taken for granted state of affairs.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Mixed review 4-11-12 (WHERE'S THE SWARM)

The Mixed review is a record of my nightly readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The First Item tonight is: mothers last word to her son, washington phillips

The music of Washington Phillips is hunting, ethereal, and downright soothing. While all music recorded in his day has that gritty finish Washington Phillips music, a treasure, shimmers through that grit in a way that is hard to understand even while hearing it. The music of Washington Phillips is mystical but not in the way that Gregorian chant or buddest throat singing is, the mysticism of Washington Phillips is the mysticism of a decidedly dead pan traveling preacher man with a fundamentally simple message of grace and eternal life.

Playin' a home made Dolceola twinkling' like the stars of haven he brought the light of the Lord to the people just about a century ago. When I stop and think about this unique voice preserved for all time I really feel tariffed strait to my soul. It’s as if while Washington sings about his eternal life with Jesus his electrified voice is enjoying eternal life with us, the people of the future. It really is a wanders feeling! To me.

The Secent Item tonight is: # PHILOSOPHY /// Pulse Demons by Eugene Thacker (from Léopold Lambert FUNAMBULIST blog)

Un-like its name sake (of Merzbow) Eugene Thacker's Pulse Demons is decidedly disciplined, univocal, self-posseted, concise, and a pleasant read. Thacker asks "are swarms the ‘content’ of music, or are they the music itself?" The swarm here is the signaler identity of a multiplicity of frequencies.

In this essay Thacker demonizes the swarm, but to be fare he wasn't the first to do it, as he mentions Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari first made this assertion in their book A Thousand Plateaus. How Thacker's analysis of the Swarm differs from theirs is his focus on the sound of the swarm and how this sound comes from no-where or to be more precise from no-particular-place.

In the spirit of this claim Thacker uses a myriad of examples from Black-Metal, to Kant's sublime, to Xenakis’ chaos math, to Badiou numerical being all wrapped up in a single voice. But in case you think Thacker is making a Demonology out of the whole world I must also point out that he accredits the original one/many to the trinity: " God as Creator creates many creatures. As creatures they are at once linked to God through the act of creation...But, as creatures, they are also separated from God in being mortal and rooted in the changes associated with temporality."

Ultimately Thacker identifies the swarm as characteristically imminent as opposed to emanating, By this he means that the voice of a swarm doesn't emanate from one center but imminently resonates from no-where- in-particular.

Here's the online version of the text brought to you by THE FUNAMBULIST & myself:

The therd Item of the night is: my faveret Derrida quote

  “must not structure have a genesis, and must not the origin, the point of genesis, be already structured, in order to be the genesis of something?” - Darrida

The Fourth Item of the night is: Xenakis- Persepolis [GRM Mix] (1/6) 

The Fifth Item Of The Night Is: Bernie Sanders The Fed and OCCUPY WALL STREET

Bernie Sanders a known socialist takes Ben Bernanke to task for his high interest rates, and calls for emergency lawns for "small businesses." To be honest not shore how those businesses would be able to pay backs the emergency lawns in a failing economy. I do understand how the boost in production would increase general wages but without real savings how can the new salaries keep pass with the price of new products being produced. The cost of the products would have to come down and with them the wages of the workers and the result would be yet more debt. I don't know I could be wrong. I still think Sanders is a champ for asking these questions I mean it really the inconsistencies that he's challenging here.

Here Bernie Sanders questions Ben Bernanke on the Feds lack of transparency, interest rate inequity, and general lack of fiscal accountability. Ben Bernanke keeps his cool as usual as Sanders drills him on all sorts of corruption, to his credit his answers are pretty candied, for the most part, but the fact that Bernanke was still unable to admit that the repeal of glass steagall was a disaster is quiet alarming.

My favorite moment is when Bernie sanders states: "Let me just say this Mr. Charmin I have a hard time understanding how you've put 2.2 trillion dollars at risk without making those names available those institutions public and we are going to introduce legislation today by the way that demands that you do that, it is unacceptable  to me that that does on." Bernie Sanders, What a champ!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mixed review 4-6-12 (POWER&ART)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The first Item on the menu is: THE SUBJECT OF ART by Alain Badiou.

As near as I can tell this essay is a call for non-self destructive body modification art.
One thing I noticed is that Badiou's argument seems to hinge on the judicial power of the art world.
Maybe that power deserves a critique as well??

Check it out! See what you think for yourself:

The second Item on the menu is: The Funambulist by Léopold Lambert

Named after the hero of Nietzsche's Zarathoustra the funambulist is a iconoclastic yet strait forward blog about architecture and philosophy. This is among the very few  philosophy blogs that I've managed to find wealth a shit. It's really good! Edward Ershbock if you’re reading this then I'm telling you that you are going to love this blog! It's got everything; literary criticism, architecture, philosophy, theology, comprehensive critique of Deleuze and other post-structuralist. This is the goods!!

The third Item on the menu is: Allen Ginsberg's Naropa lectures.

If you’re a fan of the beats then I don't have to say another word!
That’s right a grab bag of teachings by the guru himself, it's hard to believe but its true there

The Fourth Item on the menu tonight is: Iggy Pop Interview with music by Mogwai (incredibly moving!!!)

What is Punk? A "word" "a term based on contempt!"
These are powerful words. hard to ignore.
eerie and articulate.

Also I think it's interesting to view this in light of Alain Badiou's call for a the "new subjective paradigm."

Here's another striking interview with Iggy Pop Enjoy!

And finally a sock mocking ol'' Popa. Don't yu love our generation at last we got one up on the old punk farts!

Thank You every one! and untell next time                     godzspeed you black emperor!