Friday, April 6, 2012

Mixed review 4-6-12 (The Situationist International)

The 1st Item of The Night is: Council for Maintaining the Occupations

Occupy Wall Street has a forerunner in the 1968 France internationalist revolt, instead of picketing outside these occupiers would take over the factories and run them in direct democratic counsels.

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The 2ed Item of The Night is: On the Poverty of Student Life by U.N.E.F. Strasbourg

"We might very well say, and no one would disagree with us, that the student is the most universally despised creature in France, apart from the priest and the policeman. Naturally he is usually attacked from the wrong point of view, with specious reasons derived from the ruling ideology. He may be worth the contempt of a true revolutionary, yet a revolutionary critique of the student situation is currently taboo on the official Left. The licensed and impotent opponents of capitalism repress the obvious--that what is wrong with the students is also what is wrong with them. They convert their unconscious contempt into a blind enthusiasm. The radical intelligentsia (from Les Temps Modernes to L'Express) prostrates itself before the so-called "rise of the student" and the declining bureaucracies of the Left (from the "Communist" party to the Stalinist National Union of Students) bids noisily for his moral and material support.
There are reasons for this sudden enthusiasm, but they are all provided by the present form of capitalism, in its overdeveloped state. We shall use...."

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