Friday, April 6, 2012

Mixed review 4-6-12 (POWER&ART)

The Mixed review is a record of my daily readings. I hope it provides a resource for your own projects and projections into the intricacies of our world.

The first Item on the menu is: THE SUBJECT OF ART by Alain Badiou.

As near as I can tell this essay is a call for non-self destructive body modification art.
One thing I noticed is that Badiou's argument seems to hinge on the judicial power of the art world.
Maybe that power deserves a critique as well??

Check it out! See what you think for yourself:

The second Item on the menu is: The Funambulist by LĂ©opold Lambert

Named after the hero of Nietzsche's Zarathoustra the funambulist is a iconoclastic yet strait forward blog about architecture and philosophy. This is among the very few  philosophy blogs that I've managed to find wealth a shit. It's really good! Edward Ershbock if you’re reading this then I'm telling you that you are going to love this blog! It's got everything; literary criticism, architecture, philosophy, theology, comprehensive critique of Deleuze and other post-structuralist. This is the goods!!

The third Item on the menu is: Allen Ginsberg's Naropa lectures.

If you’re a fan of the beats then I don't have to say another word!
That’s right a grab bag of teachings by the guru himself, it's hard to believe but its true there

The Fourth Item on the menu tonight is: Iggy Pop Interview with music by Mogwai (incredibly moving!!!)

What is Punk? A "word" "a term based on contempt!"
These are powerful words. hard to ignore.
eerie and articulate.

Also I think it's interesting to view this in light of Alain Badiou's call for a the "new subjective paradigm."

Here's another striking interview with Iggy Pop Enjoy!

And finally a sock mocking ol'' Popa. Don't yu love our generation at last we got one up on the old punk farts!

Thank You every one! and untell next time                     godzspeed you black emperor!

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