Monday, December 10, 2012

un-requited text (poem)

My heart bursts like a grape
All these little over sites are culminating into some great finale my dear
What is it?
Barely tragic, not at all
The leper colony on the edge of time
My own variances
My stabbing in the dark
Alas I am tampered by a great and untimely void

The un-requited text message
Oh bitter and belated pain
"Should I wait for you here!?"
in the empty space of a simple question

Never will I wait again! I will for now and on word always insist on a reply even at the risk of seeming weak

My stomach turns and I wish for sleep for a dream to take me away from you
Kicking and screaming
Believe it or not this is a great triumph for me
I am free to lay myself on the alter over and over again for ever
Turn my simple question into a plea
"Say something, please!"

I am a beast
I am Marty Mcfly with the vanishing hand
I cannot request relief
I am an abomination to your acquaintance
I am eternaly a drift
a true individual
like an astronaut astray in space

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