Friday, December 21, 2012

scatter (a poem)

The scatter of the light faze is speckled along the stone of my heart

Am I lonely?

No! the hardness of my heart gives form to this sweet revelation

Darkness,darkness,darkness, all forms emerge from you darkness

and I love you darkness

youre wormth

not all darkness is this way

not all darkness is created equal

darkness is created by light

but some darkness is death

and other darkness is life

I love life

Life is darkness because those that wish to embrace life must embrace the unknown

I love life so much it hurts

I love worm darkness and its drawing effect on my heart

it pulls my blood through my veins, faster and faster


Oh holy night!

you ever close your eyes and forget where you're at?

and then just sit there for the longest time until pictures start popping up in your eye's

then gradually get so tired of the pictures that you don't even have the concentration to hold them together

just watch them shatter to pieces

all of a sudden lava pours into your vision

and you become a great volcano of dreams

friend, has this ever happened to you?

Then you know the power of worm darkness!!!

oh sweet darkness, and it's heavenly form of pure possibility

God is like this

you don't know what God is going to do!

All the forms of animal came from Gods mind

AND God steers this universe though the darkness of its own space

G-d took a string and made a bulon dog.

And all the kids said, "oh! it's cool!"

Oh sweet devastating Darkness

mold my shape into a Pipevine Swallowtail

scatter mine eyes along the flour of the universe

so that I can survey thine monumental mayhem

lovely explosions of life!

Aurora, heavy tides fall, all cold and bundled up,

beard pushed against your face, checks on fire,

birds dancing in trash heaps, nebulas peek hole's in nothingness of space

Gasping whales surfacing, glaciers cracking and cascading

sun flare dancing and taunting the earth,

Picnics in the park when the air is palpable,

depths of the ocean under the bone crushing wait of miles of salty sea

worm fire in its place, wild fire in its place

they world shaking at its seems,

and me with knives in hand

singing the song of great creation

Taking my place in the fluxes of form melting and

exploding with new life!!!

G-d where art though?

hidden in great darkness just where you said you would be?

exploding with new life with every passing moment?

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