Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pro-Life (a poem about law)

The state the state the state the state the state the state

The state is the state of things

The state is force pure and simple

glass of water

the police force is the mindless extension of the law

If a police officer makes up his own mind then he is no longer the law

the police are the force of policy

on your life

it's through inspectors and cops that the law shapes your life

just like progaming a computer code
everything is shaped by the code of law

Your house, your block, sound, your money, your food, your radio, your religion, your education, the direction you go on the road, what kind of vehicles go on the road, the color of almost ever thing, what things can be done in which kinds of buildings, the rectangle shape of buildings, the checkerboard shape of almost everything including buildings, which animals live in your neighborhood, and how many animals there are, your transpiration, even yourself, your soul

Is the United States the police of the world?

Law is a concrete metaphysic

a machine schematization of life as we know it.

They say without law it would be chaos!!!

Everything we know is law.

But laws can be changed

Then life will change!!

The word cosmos means order

The law is the cosmos pure and simple

Be not of the Law

The law knows absolutely nothing of life

Even though the law came through life

Maybe it was necessary?

She’s blind

The law brings death

can you imagine a world shaped by life instead of life shaped by the world

John the revelator said that you will never know life through examination of law

the law is blind

This blind stupid thing shapes every part of our existence, and we let it

The more we let it the more we are it

But what is existence without law?


I purpose a new arky--ZoeArky or Zoarky

What would it be like if life was the highest authority?

Think of the torture that law inflicts on life; war, deadlines, capital punishment, a never ending list of fees to lend more order to your life.

Is the law really to protect life and property? Or to steel it.

And you imagine a world without law

it would be chaos wouldn't it

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