Monday, April 15, 2013

Noam Chomsky on Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (hosted media)

I do believe that Hugo Chavez was a great man and that he did more for his country then any American president ever has done of theirs. For this he will be punished, he was defamed before death and he will be slandered after a long time to come. Of cause he is paid lip service by the Liberal federalist (liberal leftist & and big biasness demarcates), Obama and his ilk. But if they gave two shits about him then they would be drafting a dramatically different trade policy. So don't believe them! For those that understand though Hugo Chavez's legacy will live on.

I will say though that unlike all those that love to give Hugo Chavez lip serves while utterly rejecting everything he stood for, I actually do like a good and honest critique of his governing style. This is because to me it’s not about aligning myself with the cool kid on the block; it's about shedding light on what has been concealed. I will admit that I don't know everything but from where I stand Hugo Chaves was the greatest force against globalism and the advance of empire in recent history. The reason he is hated is because he protected his people's resources.

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