Thursday, April 4, 2013

Immortal Technique On Fire with Alex Jones

Immortal Tehnique V. Alex Jones! Alright there's not really a conflict here. It's like so many people have said, when you really listen to what left-wingers and right-wingers are saying, you find out their saying the same damn thing...
What ever you think of these guys you have to watch this, this is the best left/right dialog I've ever seen. I found my self agreeing with both of them most of the time, and feeling glad they where talking to eachother. Ok so Alex Jones cuts Immortal Technique off a few times but oh well, you cant stop ones nature. We must work with nature after all. I look forward to a future with more dialogs like this one. I mean are you not sick to death of the fake political dramas on Fox News and the like. It's high time we get down to bras tax. 

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