Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neo-liberalism is not Libertarian

Let it be known Neo-liberalism is not Libertarian. This is glaringly clear when you consider the way Neo-liberals like Reagan, Bush, and Thatcher used deregulation to expand usury, and banker occupation. While further blearing the line between corporate and governmental power, through government subsides and other such codification of monopolistic privilege, monopoly privileges that where established by the "progressivest" policies of the new deal, there you have it left and right, hand and hand. It is these kind of interferences in the market that Libertarians like Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard dedicated their enter careers in fighting. Margaret Thatcher swore by the writings of Austrian economist, Friedrich Hayek. I say this was nothing but lip service. If she actually read the damn Road to Serfdom, she would have known that by her actions England was on it.

Let it be known Neo-liberalism is not Libertarian, just as small or no govenment is not the same as privetisation. No where, is this more clear then in the case of the privatization of food stamps. This will blow your mind, not only do the big banks skim value off your money sitting in their banks by inflating it, while holding down your interest rate, (banks you have to use because your being payed in checks) but when you can't afford the rising price of bread at the grocery store they print you some food stamps, which devalues your bank account yet even more, and makes you even more dependent on their "serves". This is the nature of imperialism; control the means of several. It's that simple.

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