Sunday, September 29, 2013

How I'm doing? + Oneohtrix Point Never.

Emerging habits I've noticed in myself: I have been more socially involved. I've been drawn to old friends, some I hadn't seen sense high school, and my social circles are diversifying, each day I hang out with a different group of friends. I often feel quietness in my nasal cavity, stillness that indicates to me that my resolve is strengthening. I'm talking more. I've been acting as a passive instigator in group projects. I'm learning welding with some friends, some new and some old. I've been taking night shifts again and finding enjoyment in the solitude. I've been on the hunt for new music to listen to, and have been finding myself enjoying things I previously wouldn't have, as well as reconnecting with long abandoned aesthetic preferences. I’ve been experimenting with dance rhythms on my guitar. I've been painting portraits of imagined faces, and potting my more ambitious metaphysically inspired projects on the back burner, this has proven to be a success each painting is better than the last. I’ve had a cooler approach to people with whom I disagree, it doesn't matter as much to me what they think. I find myself making friendly jokes when I see someone behaving rudely, rather than reprehend them and getting in a petty fight. I find it increasingly easy to state my opinion without care if others share it. I still have a hard time keeping my surroundings, my room and my car, in order. I’ve been more focused on improving the things I do, like music and art. I'm becoming more interested in psychology.

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  1. Hey Mick good seeing you yesterday. I think you're going to have to re-send me that stuff you emailed because I never got it.