Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Toshiyuki Honda

Toshiyuki Honda's Sky (a critque)

Lament by Japanese composer Toshiyuki Honda, but is it really a lament? OOOO, Lala laaaaa la la the voices sing! What kind of lament is this? That frolics in air Fields of Japan sky, like sugary sweet butterfly’s sweeping the white dust reflections of the cold spring sun into some tight voids on the edge of time abduction. It's no lament at all, that's what, a true contentment.

So is this irony? Bad, stupid, irony again? No! It's the sweetest joy of lament, a serpent eating its tail, being fulfilled and consumed with insatiable hunger all at once! It's the joy not of regret, but of no-regrets at all. The true antitheses of Nietzsche’s eternal return. Where what returns to you is always a specter, and the life most unbearable - the life worthy of return. A pleasant past always out of grasp a momentary memory reseeding into infinite obscurity, who's presents never completely vanishes from a tactful fingers of the ear.  

Honda's "Lament" is high flying, yes, but if you listen real close to those first electric guitar chord strums you can hear the depths of pain beyond Hondas joyous loly gaggery, but alas, it can't be ignored, that this sorrow is entirely eclipsed by a silver moon of shimmering shaker sand sound and quick cascading guitar Melody.

Honda's "Lament" invites you in, says hello, and sends you on your way with a sack lunch and a tiny plastic surprise. That's how it is.

What this music most reminds me of is the feeling I used to get on top of Mount Hood, snow Board strapped to my feet. We used to call it the pre-snow board jitters, and it was just that an ethereal mood that would literally make your body shake with anticipation. Those car rides up the mountain, staring out the window tell it fogged with your heavy breath, then drawing the face of the mountain in the glass. Then gazing down the steep ravine on the shoulder of the road, and seeing nothing short of the face of death in its great void! And knowing you would soon be sliding down another such face with bodily reflections maneuvering the soft crystallizations completely unfathomable to the wordy ticker tape type thought you are having now.

Toshiyuki Honda's Metropolis

Toshiyuki Honda composed my faverit movie sound track, the 2001 animie remake of Frits Langs Metopolis. The sound track to metopolis is a brite shinging arangment of Rage-Time dots and big string dream skapes.

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