Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I got to play my guitar today, it was at my friends where we practice, and I didn't realize how much I missed it, I love playing my guitar, it is made of planets, and is very heavy to me. I attack it with my sharp teeth like Jimi Hendrix, just to get the juices out of it. It burns me bad, and I cry and cry and cry tell I have forgotten all my sorrows, and am just lying there in a pile of sweat and tears.

My friend Andy called me. I told him to come over. while I was waiting I decided to go to Albania press and get a cup of coffee, by that time the sun was setting and my skin was getting colder, after I bought my coffee I thought I would walk to the bluffs. Andy called me on the way. He was at my house I told him I would come back, he said he'd meet me half way.

After we meet up we stopped at the comic book store, Andy bought the final issue of amazing Spiderman. By this time it was already dark. I looked at a comic called animal man, it was grotesque, there were a few indicators that it may have been influenced by Gilles Deleuze's concept, Becoming-animal, one there were many intermediate forms stuck between one animal and another, and 2 there was a character that was just nerves or maybe blood veins, a rhizomic figure to be shore (even if not intended), intention is only one tiny dimension among everything, often over estimated.

If you don't know what Becoming-animal is then I should tell you it’s a figure in many Gilles Deleuze's books, it’s a way to understand identity. Identity for Deleuze like Jean-Paul Sartre doesn’t come before existence, it comes with existence. Only for Deleuze identity isn't purely a human construct, but is one thing standing with everything else, and everything  here is just the some totall of all the interactions.

You are nothing without the things you interact with, so in a sense you are equivocal to all these things, and when you interact with something you share in its identity. For Deleuze ever thing bleeds together. One way to sense this oneness of becoming is to think of how the sensitivity of your senses changes when you interact with something. Like how if you garden you learn the smell of healthy soil, and when you hunt you learn the call of a buck and maybe the smell, this is sometimes called entunement, but it is also what Deleuze calls Becoming.

I think one of the reasons Deleuze uses this terminology is because it plays well off Plato’s concept of becoming and passing away and Heidegger’s dasein, Being-there, the later makes a persons’ Being the way objects in the world appear to her while the formal makes ‘Becoming’ a mere shadow of the real eternal form. The difference for Deleuze is that there is no stable way of interacting with objects in the world, just flux, and becoming and no eternal forms by which to judge that becoming.

So to me one of the "practical" applications of Deleuze's becoming is to actively tune your senses to the world around you in-order to become more then what you are, who doesn’t won’t to become more then what they are, if only for the fun of it.

Any way back to my story, after the comic shop we walked to the Liberty Glass, a bar on Mississippi Street. Andy mentioned the new "add ons’", benches on the road adjacent to the entrance of Mississippi Pizza, at first we made fun of it, but then concluded that the world would be a better place if everything grow that way, by addition up and out, over and around. In this way the world could flower into a more exotics form.

When we got to the Liberty Glass I ordered a shot of whisky, and Andy got a Pabst Blue Ribbon, he asked for chocolate milk, like Kindergarten Cop, but they didn't have it. The Bar tender was one of my crushes from about a year ago, Cute, petit, brunette with a soft patient demeanor. I used to walk over to her house in the mornings and chat about theater and film, then just as it looked like something magical was about to happen she quite returning my calls, and that was that, I was confused and heart broken, but alas this is not a rare story for me, and by this time I've all but excepted this treatment as my fate.

Andy and I sat out on the patio, and I was telling about this, eliciting him for a possible remedy, and she came out and sat with us next to the fire place and visited with us. The topic of new year’s parties came up and she said it was better to just stay home on a night like that one, me and Andy suggested that there might be a good way to participate in the festivities if one where grounded and eager to bring something positive to the world around them. Andy brought up Andrew W.K. and his positive approach to partying.

On our way home we stopped at Mississippi pizza and got a couple of slices of Hawaiian.

After that Andy went home and I recorded music on my power book until it was time for me to go to work.

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