Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gentrification is Localized Inflation.

What do Money Multipliers or Monetary Inflation &OR, "big" Government have to do with Gentrification?
[These are some factors in gentrification that not often brought up in the general disputation.]

1. Gentrification is localized inflation.

2. Gentrification is caused in large part by City Planers.
3. Increases in money in any market, even local markets, results in higher prices over all, and
an appearance of lower quality products to take the place of the products that are no longer
affordable to those excluded by the gentrification process. This could be called the Wall Mart effect.
 4. When rent prices rise beyond the incomes of those unconnected to the inflationary flows, the excluded, (working class people and those on meager food stamp subsidies)  have no choice but to move away.
5. Centralized banking, and government to the degree that it is centralized, contributes to unequal distributions of wealth&power because centralized organizations have a limited capacity to support other structures, both social and infrastructural.
6. Centralized organizations have very little incentive to support organizations that don't increase there power directly. (Big business hasn't bought our democracy, they are simply the kind of social organizations that our system creates, they produce the power; guns, energy, technology, our government needs to serve us in the only way it can).

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