Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jazz On A Summer's Day - Jimmy Giuffre Three (Hosted Media)

Performers: Various Artists
Album: Jazz On A Summer's Day - Newport Jazz Festival 1958
Genre: Jazz, Doc. Film
Featuring: Louis Armstrong, George Shearing, Gerry Mulligan, Anita O'Day.
Recorded July 3, 1958


Pull My Daisy (Robert Frank/jack kerouac 1959) (Hosted Media!)

Pull My Daisy a film by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie; "the title was taken from the poem of the same name written by Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Cassady in the late 1940s. Part of the original poem was used as a lyric in David Amram's jazz composition that opens the film."


Avital Ronell. On Stupidity. 2000 (Hosted Media)



Kabeer Toon Toon Karta Toon Hua (Hosted Media)


NPR: Sound Opinions on the Influence of The Beat Generation (Hosted Media)

                                                                The Beat in music! Audio.

If you like this NPR program then defiantly, defiantly... Daniel Coffeen’s blog is much more expansive on the topic of the Beats, and often without many words. Coffeen has a way of shattering paradigms with short simple paragraphs. This should not be a surprise given that he has his doctorate in the rhetorical arts. Dr. Coffeen knows how to make words go!

Coffeen on the Beat:


Grammar, Burroughs, and Making New Sense

Where is our avant-garde?

William Burroughs: These are my tools

Coffeen's UC Berkeley lectures series:



Monday, July 15, 2013

Animal Collective - Centipede Hz (Full Album) .


Infrastructure, Infra-politics by Angela Mitropoulos

                                                    Infastucture, Infra-politics. Enjoy!

TEDxCopenhagen - Emilia Van Hauen - The World's Happiest People (hosted media)

What makes Denmark so happy? (hosted media)


                          This goes out to all my Socialist comrades. Your numbers are strong.


Money multipliers only benefits the 1%(a hosted article)

Title: Reader Asks Me to Prove "Inflation Benefits the Wealthy" (At the Expense of Everyone Else) by Mike Shedlock.

A money multiplier is any mechanism by which a bank can increase the currency base, such as fractional reserve loans, printing government bonds, or consumer spending on credit.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

NPR: Anna Von Hausswolff: An Artist In Thrall To A Mega-Instrument

                                         Swedish musician Anna von Hausswolff says she was drawn to the church organ by its physicality: "When you play it, you can really feel it because you're sitting close to the pipes. It's almost as if you're becoming a part of the instrument."



Friday, July 12, 2013

"Europe's Last Dictatorship - Belarus" (Hosted Media)

И воулд ад не тхиинг то тхис доцумент; И хаве персоналу споке витч а ёутх фром Беларусь; тхере ис а ёутх ревалутион.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Islam, the Logos of God, and the Mystical poety of Rumi (My thoughts on Sufism + a short Rumi documenetery).

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī  was a great Sufi poet. Sufism is mystical Islam. Allah is the Arabic name of God. Indigenous people in Arabic speaking regions pray to Allah, whether they are Muslim or Christian. It is the mark of a westerner to refer to G-d by another name in these places. Sufi like all Muslims honer Mohamed as their prophet, and can trace their lineage to him. The harmony of Sufism and Christianity goes all the way to the very heart of the two faiths; they recognize Allah's presence in the world as his Word. God's mind is one with his Word. For Sufi, every true prophet of Allah is an embodiment of Allah's Word, and indeed Jesus (I love this) is considerate by many Sufi as an embodiment of the Word of Allah. For Christians the Whole doctrine of the Trinity, (which for many Christians defines Orthodoxy), rests on  the identity of God and his Word, and Jesus as the Word made Flesh, that is the human Divine. The link between Sufism and Christianity is very close indeed. I hope and pray that in the future more Christians will come to embrace our Muslim brothers and Sisters.

One more link: Logos and Revelation By
Robert J. Dobie

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Enter the Zohar (hosted media)

Wikipedia says Zohar means Splendor or radiance in Hebrew. Certainly Glory plays a prominent role in the 3 major Abrahamic religions, as it probably does with all Religions. I wanted to learn more about the Zohar so I checked it out on YouTube and found this rad video called Enter the Zohar. If you are interested in the esoteric school of Judaism known as kabbalah then you should definitely check out these video. The host is charismatic and insightful, I feel like I would probably get along with him quite well. Being a Christian myself I have a special affinity with esoteric Judaism, it's not hard to see why, it offers me fresh perspective on things I've known and loved my whole life. I think there are probably a lot of Christians out there that feel this same way about esoteric and mystical Judaism, but unfortunately it hasn't always been this way. In the past anti-Semitism attitudes was quite prevalent among Christians. Probably not to dissimilar from the attitudes that many Christians have toward Muslims today. It's important to understand the perspectives of others, and the contexts from which they arise. I think it’s easy for people who are not directly involved in this or that straggle to paint others in judgment, but it’s really they who are the judgmental ones. Ironically I participate in this cycle by pointing these things out, but such is the nature of life and truth. So I hope you enjoy the video.