Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Islam, the Logos of God, and the Mystical poety of Rumi (My thoughts on Sufism + a short Rumi documenetery).

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī  was a great Sufi poet. Sufism is mystical Islam. Allah is the Arabic name of God. Indigenous people in Arabic speaking regions pray to Allah, whether they are Muslim or Christian. It is the mark of a westerner to refer to G-d by another name in these places. Sufi like all Muslims honer Mohamed as their prophet, and can trace their lineage to him. The harmony of Sufism and Christianity goes all the way to the very heart of the two faiths; they recognize Allah's presence in the world as his Word. God's mind is one with his Word. For Sufi, every true prophet of Allah is an embodiment of Allah's Word, and indeed Jesus (I love this) is considerate by many Sufi as an embodiment of the Word of Allah. For Christians the Whole doctrine of the Trinity, (which for many Christians defines Orthodoxy), rests on  the identity of God and his Word, and Jesus as the Word made Flesh, that is the human Divine. The link between Sufism and Christianity is very close indeed. I hope and pray that in the future more Christians will come to embrace our Muslim brothers and Sisters.

One more link: Logos and Revelation By
Robert J. Dobie

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