Saturday, July 6, 2013

Enter the Zohar (hosted media)

Wikipedia says Zohar means Splendor or radiance in Hebrew. Certainly Glory plays a prominent role in the 3 major Abrahamic religions, as it probably does with all Religions. I wanted to learn more about the Zohar so I checked it out on YouTube and found this rad video called Enter the Zohar. If you are interested in the esoteric school of Judaism known as kabbalah then you should definitely check out these video. The host is charismatic and insightful, I feel like I would probably get along with him quite well. Being a Christian myself I have a special affinity with esoteric Judaism, it's not hard to see why, it offers me fresh perspective on things I've known and loved my whole life. I think there are probably a lot of Christians out there that feel this same way about esoteric and mystical Judaism, but unfortunately it hasn't always been this way. In the past anti-Semitism attitudes was quite prevalent among Christians. Probably not to dissimilar from the attitudes that many Christians have toward Muslims today. It's important to understand the perspectives of others, and the contexts from which they arise. I think it’s easy for people who are not directly involved in this or that straggle to paint others in judgment, but it’s really they who are the judgmental ones. Ironically I participate in this cycle by pointing these things out, but such is the nature of life and truth. So I hope you enjoy the video.

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