Wednesday, November 21, 2012

heartbreak well sort of

Today at work one of the clients lead me down to the basement, and told me that she found in the the dryer screen chunks of wood and paper as well as a dry pillow in the drum, she went on to tell me that one of the other clients told her he wanted to burn this place down. Ah! Another day in the life of a residential counsel. I admit I spend a good portion of my time at work praing to God that she would sooth the souls of all the tenets of the building, so they don't feel driven to something they might or might not regret.

Before work to day I received a text from a serten young Lady, that I had gone on a few dates with, the message explained that she had found some one that she has a lot income with, and that she would like  to reamain friends, I wasn't really surprised that this was the case, just that she took the trouble to inform me, because we when't really steady or anything, we just went on a couple of dates. I let her know that her decision is completely fine, and admonished her for her sensitivity in actually letting me know, when it probably wasn't clear if she owed that to me.

And how do I feel about the whole thing? Well, can't say I blame her, one can't really for see these things they just come strait out of the void and hit you, and if you're the one who's getting hit by cupids arrow it can be pretty disorienting, you know it's really one of the greatest things about life. Do I feel dejected? Well, yes of course, but I understand and embrace this because to me it's what life is about. Life is freedom, freedom is just completely unpredictable, and I love this, besides I was starting to feel like we where committed to each other in a way that I wasn't really ready for, you know even though we didn't say any thing like that.

What is that? Is that just me, I mean it can't be just me, because she felt it enough to say something, so it couldn't have just been me. No, the fact of the mater is that this things are real, all the unspoken, and seemingly casual flirtation is real. I find this totally overwhelming, and frightening most of the time, but this time is different because this young Lady got real with it, I feel relieved, like I got a little taste of sweet reality.

                                     Heres a fall album to hear while it rains and rains and rains all day.


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