Friday, October 18, 2013

The personal Copy Machine: a more progressive health care program.

It be hard to avoid all the talk about the government shut down, it has been all over the news for almost, what 3 weeks now. It seems that for most people, at least around me, the narrative goes something like this: Obama want to heal the sick like Jesus, but the evil greedy republicans would rather let people die then allow "free loaders" to "drain the system." Every once in a while something about something called a debt sealing is mentioned, and how if this debt sealing isn't raised then the U.S. Government will default, and lots of good people wont get played and will probably miss rent payments and the like. Then there's the whole insurance company coloration thing that has gotten' a conspicuous lack of attention from the anti-carpet movement. A fellow blogger named Jim H. wrote a most sophisticated article entitled a dangerous game he presented a picture in which default would lead to a decline in international trust in the U.S. bond market which he said would lead to high interest rates and lower paybacks for our government. This would be the exact outcome that the republicans are trying to avoid. I thought this article was pretty good you should check it out. Strangly I come across very little in defense of the government shut down from any the sites political sites I frequent, even from free market types. Mark Thornton of the Van Mises Institute called both parties irresponsible, and pointed out that with out real structural change the shut down will actually do very little for the national debt and the inflation problem. What I haven't heard from any mainstream media sources is just how strange it is that we should have to go into debt to print money in the first place. So long as we continue to print money on loan we will always have to raise the debt sealing and inflation will continue to swallow your bank account.

My solution to all this is simple, if it's alright for them to print money, (supposedly with no threat of inflation, or any other such consequents) then it should be alright for me too. They should raise my debt sealing, and let me print legal tender in my garage. That way I can pay my acupuncturist. Now that's what I call a progressive health care program. (I don't actually recommend any of you do this, "counterfeiting" is very dangers sport).

All in all, if we have to have a national debt and subsequent inflation we might as well have good health care while we're at it. I hope as this all continues to unfold more states will consider a public option like the one in Vermont. This would prevent insurance companies from doing the same thing the banks are doing, controling rates through the elicitation of state force, and draining our system to fill their own pockets.

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