Monday, March 4, 2013

leaving (poem)

The grey dragon descends through the low lying clouds like the ex-hale of a child

a farmer rakes the clouds and streaks of light show through

the rays cast down a pon your blossoming face

I sow your face as the spirit in you when you laughed

And did you see the planes turn in to flying silver beetles in the open sky

When I think of it I can’t stay still

while I lay next to you under the spinning sky, I shake with joy

you ask me if I'm cold

I say "no, why? are you?"

I’m a ditz, not conscious of my own shivering

not aware you might not know it's from joy


we turn on to our bellies

and you dig into the ground with your fingers and eat dirt

I ask how can we be of the earth and yet not of this world?

dogs run by like mad trains

you tell me that dogs are the most oppressed and miss understood animals

I frown and think, look at the joy in the dumb happy face of a dog

but I know what you mean

the dogs owner yells at him, COME, HERE!!!

and you can see that he doesn't want to

because he doesn't do it

he stand next to us

"Come Here!" the owner yells again

and you know what?

we'll be here forever

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