Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mixed review 7-31-12 (Ron Paul's Audit the fed)

Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Transparency act is making its way through congress; this is the latest episode in a long history of American monetary policy. This story is important for regular citizens like us because monetary policy effects the value of our dollar/savings and the power holdings of varies privet entities like the IMF and the World Bank that than inturn use that power to effect the lives of people around the world. Last year Bernie Sanders Fed Audit revealed “$16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses,” (of cause we know these bail outs did nothing for regular people, just look at all the small business that have gone under sense the bail out). This new audit will do more than Bernie Sanders audit, it will shed more light on the way the Federal Reserve has been effecting interest rates in resent years, which will help to determine how the Feds actions effect the value of the dollar in relation to inflation and conversely how its deflationary efforts effect our ability to pay off loans. The truth is we need to know exactly how our monetary system is being run so that we can start making better decisions for our future; the Federal Reserve Transparency Act will do just that.

July 19, 2012 Sen. Ron Paul questiond Ben Brnanke on his actions as Fed Chairmen.

Chairmen Ben Bernanke looking as cool is ever. Their auditing your FED man! It’s like nothing gets to this guy.
North Carolina district 3 Rep. Walter Jones admits his 2 most regretted votes to be his vote for the Iraq war, and the repeal of Glass Steagall. He also requests a personal correspondence with Chairmen Ben Bernanke on the topic of Glass Steagall.
It is the stronger soul that can admit when they are rung, so good on Mr. Jones. You can find out what Chairmen Ben Bernanke thinks of the repeal of glass steagall on one of my previous blog post, just click (here)!
                                                News coverage on the hearings.

July 25, 2012 the Federal Reserve Transparency act when before the house.

As a side note.
At the beginning of this clip the narrator mentions a republican off shore drilling bill that would add arias for off shore drilling. I don't know what this bill is, but I really can't understand why people want to put our whole planet at risk in the face of real ecological catastrophes like the now forgotten B.P. oil spill, especially while new energy alternatives are available. It just seems retrograde to me, and dangers. It’s sad that even as the house passes a bill that would shed light on fanatical corruption it strengthens the strong hold of corporate corruption.

                                              Ron Paul talks about the audit and bank privilege.


  1. What a great victory for liberty this is, but it's a sorry state of affairs when it takes an act of Congress to find out how "our" Federal Reserve is spending "our" "money." Maybe Bernanke looks cool and confident because he knows that his employers at the megabanks have already taken over this country in 1913 with the passing of the Fed. For more of my news and views on these topics check out my site at nightwatchmannews.com

  2. Thanks for the comment, Michael Gillhan. I have to say that I do enjoy the work you do at culture and anarchy, so thank you for that too.

    Oh yes, indeed, Chairmen Ben Bernanke's cool demeanor is not to be trusted, this man did not get to the top by kissing babies, and running smear campaigns, like most of the public figures in our fare country today- no, Mr. Bernanke is a man above the fray, of a different caliber entirely.

    Really though this kind of confidence can only mean one of two things; ether he’s one legit hammer, and really has nothing to hide,(judging by the findings of Bernie Sanders audit this option is already off the table), or this man is absolute royalty.
    But really, you know, at the very least these people; Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Ben Bernanke, make good characters for the public stage (much better then Obama and Romney). And even though this is all vary series- I know!- I think there is a way of looking at this as entertainment, all-be-it kind of a convoluted and strange form of entertainment, where real people get their life savings ripped off, and then get kicked out of their homes, (concerning the former sometimes without even knowing it).